12 Great Tips for Chrome

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12 Great Tips for Chrome

Chrome is an easy-to-use and fairly simple web browser. The functionality that Google adds to the browser over the years makes it easier to navigate and make your life easier. In this post, we would like to share with you 12 tips that you want to know about Chrome and that have improved its functions.

1. Drag Text to Search
There are two ways to search the web without rewriting any text you see on web pages:

– Select the text and drag it to the tab bar to the right of the rightmost tab. The search results will be shown on a new tab.

– Drag it to the text address bar. Search results will be displayed on the current tab.

2. Search Bookmarks from the Address Bar
Do you have difficulty finding what you want between your bookmarks? The plug-in Holmes makes it easy to search between bookmarks.

After you have installed Holmes, do the following:

1. Type asterisk (*) in the address bar and press Tab.

2. Type the word or phrase you want to search for in placemarks. Matched bookmarks will be displayed below the address bar.

3. Select the placemark you want to open on the current tab.
You can click on the icon to open Holmes, or press Alt + Shift + H.

3. Use Chrome as a File Explorer
Type C: \ in the address bar and press Enter. You will see that the folders on your hard disk are in the current sequence. You can browse through folders and even open files.

4. Calculate from Address Bar
Write a mathematical equation in the address bar to make a quick calculation. Use the symbols +, -, *, /,%. You do not need to press Enter to see the result, you can see the list at the bottom of the result address bar.

5. Fix the Tabs
You can fix the tabs on the tab bar to keep them open. Right-click on the tab you want to remain open and click on Fix tab. The tab will only be moved to the left of the tab bar as an icon. Fixed tabs reopen when you start Chrome.

6. Quickly Reopen Most Recently Closed Tabs
You can reopen a tab you accidentally closed with Ctrl + Shift + T. If you want to return to a tab that you opened a few weeks ago, you can browse the browsing history by pressing Ctrl + H.

To look at the scan history for a particular tab, click the Back button and hold it down until the list appears, or right-click the button.

7. Slide Up and Down with the Keyboard
Press Space to scroll down one page, Shift + Space to scroll up one page.

8. Specify Shortcuts for Attachments
You can enable some Chrome plug-ins using keyboard shortcuts. To reach this screen, type chrome: // extensions/shortcuts in the address bar and press Enter.

9. Switch your default Home Page to Keyboard
In Windows, you can return to the home page by pressing Alt + Home.

10. See Chrome’s Amount Used
Press Shift + Esc to open Chrome’s Task Manager. In the window that opens, you can see memory and processor usage for each tab. Press the End process button at the bottom right to close the transaction of any tab or add-on. A tab that you end in this way will not close, it will just be deleted from the memory. To open the page again, go to the tab and press the Reload button.

11. Add the Web Sites Shortcut to the Desktop
1. Open the webpage you want to create the shortcut in Chrome.

2. Follow the Chrome menu> More tools> Add to desktop.

12. Restart Chrome Quickly
Type chrome: // restart in the address bar and hit Enter to quickly restart Chrome instead of closing and opening it. In the meantime, you will lose the data in the form you filled. Let’s also say that the secret tabs will not open again.

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