Forget to apply perfume or deodorant? These 5 Easy Measures to Avoid Body Odor.

Forget to apply perfume or deodorant? These 5 Easy Measures to Avoid Body Odor.

Even if there is no perfume or deodorant, you can Avoid Body Odor, if you want to know how to read this article

If you have forgotten to apply perfume or deodorant someday or if your perfume is over, then you can use natural remedies. During the summer, there is often a problem that we start smelling ourselves, the reason being sweating.

As the amount of sweat increases in the body, the smell also increases and if you work in a place where there are more people then your smell can disturb other people too. If you talk about easy ways to remove the smell, then you can get rid of the smell by using things like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. In this article, we will talk about things that you can apply if you do not have perfume or deodorant so that sweat does not smell.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Avoid Body Odor

Apple cider vinegar has anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties, it kills bacteria and the use of apple cider vinegar is beneficial to remove the problem of odor. Dip apple cider vinegar in a cotton ball and apply it on the armpits, near the neck and let it dry, if someday you do not have perfume then this is an effective solution.

Use hand sanitizer to Avoid Body Odor

5 easy measures to avoid body odor
Use Hand sanitizer to avoid body odor (Image Source)

Nowadays, we all have hand sanitizer with us or in public places. If you have forgotten to apply deodorant or perfume, then you can use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is easily available in any place and it is aromatic along with eliminating the bacteria from your hands, if you keep your hands sanitized, then moving your hands will smell. This is also a hack, but do not use sanitizer in other parts of the skin like underarms.

Use lemon juice instead of perfume or deodorant

You cut a lemon into two parts and apply lemon juice to the sweaty area. You can also take out lemon juice in a bowl and apply it with the help of a cotton ball. The benefits of lemon to remove the smell are many. Lemon contains citric acid, which removes the odor. Lemon is also anti-bacterial and anti-septic, so you can use it in place of perfume or deodorant.

If there is no perfume or deodorant, then use baking soda

5 easy measures to avoid body odor2
Use Baking Soda to avoid body odor (Image Source)

You can use baking soda to remove body odor. Baking soda absorbs odor and prevents bacteria from growing due to sweating. If you do not have deodorant or perfume, do not worry and use baking soda. Mix cornstarch in baking soda and apply it on the armpit, it will not smell bad and you will feel fresh throughout the day.

Using soap and water can also remove the problem of smell

If you do not find any of the above-mentioned things, then you can also reduce the smell to some extent by using soap and water. If there is a washroom around you, then go there wet the paper towel and apply soap to it and clean the armpit with it and clean it with water and dry the skin. If you cannot clean the armpits, then only wash your hands thoroughly with soap. By moving your hands, the soapy smell will remain around you and the body odor will not be much.

To remove the problem of odor, keep cardamom with you or keep an anti-bacterial wipe. If you keep cleaning the armpit from time to time with a wipe, then the smell will not come.

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