5 Nail Care Mistakes can Damage Your Nails

5 Nail Care Mistakes: Some mistakes can damage your nails while taking care of nails, know here 5 such mistakes.

Like your face and hair, your nails also play an important role in making you look beautiful. Taking care of your nails is just as important as your skin and hair, as well as other parts of your body. Timely cutting of nails, polishing them, and giving them a good shape, helps in enhancing the beauty of your hands. But often people make some such mistakes while taking care of nails, which damages your nails.

At the same time, their shape also deteriorates. Sometimes your nails also tell the condition of your health. That is why it is very important to keep your nails healthy. In this article, we are telling you about 5 such mistakes that damage your nails, as well as spoil their shape.

5 Nail Care Mistakes

So here are 5 Nail Care Mistakes. If you do not make these mistakes then you are sure to get beautiful and healthy nails. Let’s see what are these mistakes-

1-Not having a balanced diet

Diet plays an important role in keeping your nails healthy, as a proper and nutrient-rich diet helps maintain healthy keratin, which is essential for keeping your skin, hair, and nails healthy. Also, a nutrient-rich diet helps to get rid of brittle nails and strengthen them. At the same time, when you do not take enough nutrients from your diet, it causes the nails to become weak and lose their shine.

2-Not moisturizing nails after cutting them

5 Nail Care Mistakes can Damage Your Nails
5 Nail Care Mistakes can Damage Your Nails (Image Source)

Moisturizing the nails is very important to prevent them from becoming dry and lifeless. Often people do not apply moisturizer after biting their nails. To keep nails healthy, it is very important to retain their moisture. Therefore, apply moisturizer after cutting your nails.

3-Not applying the right nail paint

Women use gel nail paint or acrylic nail paint a lot on nails and apply nail paint again and again. These nail paints damage your nail plate. This causes your nails to become weak and brittle, and the skin on the sides of the nail, and nails starts turning yellow. Apart from this, these nail paints contain adhesive agents, which can cause your nails to stick to the bed or clothes repeatedly. In this way, the dirt deposited on them also gets deposited on the nails, which increases the risk of infection.

4-Cutting Nails into Different Shapes

Often women cut their nails in different shapes to make them more attractive. But they do not know that this weakens the nails. Nails become brittle and break. That’s why always cut your nails in a round shape.

5-Straightening Dry Nails

5 Nail Care Mistakes can Damage Your Nails
5 Nail Care Mistakes can Damage Your Nails (Image Source)

Nails become very hard when dry, which is a bit difficult to cut. This type of problem is seen more in the summer season. In this situation, you should soften the nail a little before cutting. For this, you can sit for some time by dipping your nail in warm water. This will make it easier for you to cut the nail.

Bonus Tips

Do not share the things you use for your nail care with others. Because using each other’s things increases the risk of infection. So do not share nail cutters or other tools.

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