5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips
5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips | You Can Try at Home

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips: Increase the beauty of your face sitting at home before marriage, try these 5 beauty tips

Learn special pre-wedding beauty tips with which to bring a glow to your face before marriage.

5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Take Care of the Beauty of the Face

By the way, start getting monthly facials at least six months before the wedding. But if you have less time, then get facials done after two weeks. Along with this, you can also do some homemade fruit facials at home. Always do a patch test before applying any new products to your skin. Before marriage, drink plenty of water to bring a glow to the skin. to brighten the skin

Put the saffron in milk and apply it on the face daily for 1 month.
Apart from this, keep cucumber on the eyes and massage to eliminate dark circles.
To cure scars, apply coconut water and honey on the face daily.
At night, after massaging the face and cleaning it, sleep.
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Enhance Hair Beauty

5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips
5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips ( Image Source )

For healthy and shiny-looking hair, start a hair spa a few months before the wedding. If you do not like hair spas with chemicals, there are many homemade masks that you can use to add shine to your hair. such as

  • Apply an egg hair mask to your hair.
  • Use lemon and baking soda hair mask to keep dandruff away.
  • Apply regular oil to the hair and eat omega-3 foods for good hair.

Body Massage

There are so many rituals before and after marriage that your entire glow can be lost due to fatigue. It is important for you to take full care of your body. Get a body massage done 2-3 times in the middle of the wedding day from 1 month before the wedding. This will improve your blood circulation and will bring a glow to the face.

Healthy Diet and Good Sleep

It is not enough just to have good makeup, it is also important for the body to be healthy. Therefore, do not die in the anxiety of marriage, but eat, drink and sleep well. Some brides reduce food and drink in order to be slim before marriage, but you should not do this. Pay close attention to your diet.

Take care of the Beauty of Hands and Feet

5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips
5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips ( Image Source )

Beautiful hands and feet add to your beauty. For this, keep your hands and feet soft by massaging olive oil or coconut oil on your hands and feet before sleeping at night. This will get rid of dry skin on your hands and feet. Also, while bathing, clean your feet with a pumice stone.

Apart from all this, keep one more thing in mind before marriage, do not exercise too much in the pursuit of weight loss. Instead, do some relaxing yoga. So with the help of these tips, add beauty to your beauty and enhance your beauty.

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