7 Tips to make Legs Soft and Beautiful after shaving

Follow these 7 tips to make legs soft and beautiful after shaving

If you want to shave the hair of the legs, then you can use some tips to keep the skin of the feet soft and soft.

Every woman aspires to have beautiful and soft skin feet. But this wish will be fulfilled only when you remove the unwanted hair from the legs. There are many ways to remove hair from legs, but shaving is the easiest way. But even after shaving, this desire seems incomplete because when you shave the hair that has grown on the legs, then after some time these hairs start pricking.

Actually, shaving does not remove the hair from the root. Due to this very short hairs are left there and you do not feel the feet as you imagined. But you will be glad to know that you can get smooth legs even after shaving and that too by following very simple tips. So let’s know about these tips.

Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet

Sunscreen- 7 tips to make legs soft and beautiful after shaving
Sunscreen- 7 tips to make legs soft and beautiful after shaving (Image Source )

Some women do not consider it necessary to apply sunscreen on their feet. If you exfoliate too much, your skin can get worse from the sun’s rays due to the removal of the top layer. Therefore, to make your feet smooth, it is also necessary to protect them from the heat and damage of the sun so that they do not look red or burnt.

Use shaving cream and gel

If you use soap on your feet, then the harsh chemicals present in them keep your feet away from being soft. So whenever shaving, instead of using soap, use shaving cream or gel. So that your feet can get moisture. If this gel or cream is rich in Vitamin E, then the results will be better.


Removing dead skin cells is also an essential step. If you do not remove this dead skin, then no matter what moisturizer you are using, it will not be able to bring full benefits to your feet. Therefore, exfoliate your feet once a week to remove all the dead skin cells.

Use body oil while sleeping

There is moisture loss from the skin, especially during winters. If you apply oil to your feet, then the water and moisture content inside will remain intact and your skin will not dry out from time to time. Therefore, before sleeping at night, apply some good essential or body oil on your feet and sleep.

Start Using Hyaluronic Acid

If your skin starts to lose its smoothness, it means that your body is not able to make enough hyaluronic acid naturally. At this time, you should take a moisturizer from a good brand from the outside, which mainly contains hyaluronic acid.

Use an only gentle body wash

Some body washes contain a lot of chemicals that absorb all the natural oils from your skin and leave your skin very rough and dry. Instead, start using some gentle body wash which is also quite creamy. Coconut oil can also be of great help in this matter.

Instead of shaving in the morning, do it in the evening.

Shaving Leg -7 tips to make legs soft and beautiful after shaving
Shaving Leg -7 tips to make legs soft and beautiful after shaving (Image Source )

When you sleep, there is a slight swelling on the feet. After shaving in the morning, it remains to shave from the swollen area. Due to this after some time suddenly the hair starts appearing which you thought that you have shaved. Therefore, instead of morning, always shave in the evening or in the afternoon.

Always change your blade regularly while shaving. Shave from the bottom first and then move up. With these tips, your shaving experience will be very good.

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