All About Fortnite Game

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All About Fortnite Game

Increasing its popularity day by day, Fortnite is the third most played game in the world according to research company Newzoo.

Epic Games’ online PvP survival game Fortnite, which has reached more than 50 million players all over the world, is steadily increasing its popularity. Turkey BBC ‘s news on topics that game, according to research firm Newzoo has also moved to 3rd place among the world’s most played game.

According to the BBC, Fortnite is so successful in the short term that the game is free, while developer Epic Games keeps the game up to date with constant updates and improvements. The innovative approach that Battle Royale brought to the game was appreciated by players, and their views on platforms such as the game Twitch and YouTube were also record-breaking.

Another factor contributing to Fortnite ‘s success is the acceptance of the game among the parents. It is stated that the level of violence in the game is very low and it is shown in a cartoon style, and the fact that the elements such as blood are not included in the game gives the parents the confidence of the game. In fact, according to some people, the game gives the kid’s team spirit, communication and the ability to do something together.

Fortnite, on the other hand, according to Newzoo, known for its research into the game world, left behind many games on the long-running market, ranking third among the world’s most played games. The game, which ranks 6th in January 2018, has been in the 3rd place since the April month. It is also possible for Epic Games to appear in the top of Fortnite with the game being released in different countries.

However, this is only the Battle Royale game mode. Save the World mode will not be included in this version. However, you can play PCs, Macs, Xbox One and mobile players with the Switch version. You can also connect any standard 3.5mm headset to the Switch for voice chat, which is most likely a first for the system.

That’s exactly what fans were hoping for: a version of Fortnite that you can play on the go with traditional controls. The fact that you will be able to download and play it today is just a cherry on the cake. We will have practical thoughts with this version in the coming hours.

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