Acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft acclaimed by the Linux Foundation

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Acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft acclaimed by the Linux Foundation

Unless you have spent the last days in a cave without a network or electricity, you have necessarily seen the news: GitHub was bought by Microsoft. Faced with the growling of developers, the Linux Foundation is reassuring.

More than 15 years ago, Steve Ballmer – former CEO of Microsoft – called Linux “cancer”. In recent years, the giant of Redmond seems to have totally changed his tune. After integrating some elements of Ubuntu into Windows 10 in late 2016, Microsoft is now buying GitHub, the preferred platform for open-source project developers.

The purchase will not fail to worry the large community concerned, which nevertheless takes the thing with a lot of humor for some. Jim Zemlin, head of the Linux Foundation, however, wanted reassuring. According to him, this acquisition is “good news for the world of open-source” and “a smart move from Microsoft. ” The man believes that “the time has come to grow – both for the industry, the open-source community and for itself”.

The future CEO of GitHub speaks on Reddit


Always in a spirit of appeasement, Nat Friedman – the future CEO of GitHub – spoke on Reddit for an AMA session. As a reminder, Nat Friedman is known in the open-source world for having created Xamarin, a mobile application development platform bought by Microsoft in 2016.

Many questions were asked about the future of the service. Nat Friedman wanted reassurance: “We do not buy GitHub to turn it into Microsoft; we buy GitHub because we believe in the developers, and in the unique role of GitHub within the developer community. ” He explains that his mission is to “make GitHub a better GitHub, and if possible, help Microsoft become a little more like GitHub”.

Friedman was also saddened by the departure of many developers to the GitLab platform. The proportion of designers, however, remains very low. It is also offset by many listings since the announcement of the redemption. He also promised that no advertising would appear in GitHub repositories.

If this session on Reddit will not have dispelled all the questions of the developers, they said they were a little more reassured by Nat Friedman. Most are still waiting to see the changes over the coming months and hope that Microsoft will keep its promises.

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