Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the other Ubisoft ads at E3

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the other Ubisoft ads at E3


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is located in ancient Greece from the fifth century BC during the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens. Playing as Alexios or Kassandra, Spartan blood mercenaries sentenced to death by their families, players will embark on an adventure that will lead them to reveal the truth behind the mysterious lineage of the protagonists.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a role-playing game that took three years to work for the Ubisoft Quebec team. Introduces a new dialogue system. Players can customize their weapons and equipment, master and exploit new special abilities, and face battles between Sparta and Athens, pushing armies of hundreds of soldiers against each other. The return of naval battles from the open world will allow you to freely explore the seas, customize your ship and recruit your own crew with unique benefits. With all Greece to discover, players will also meet some famous historical and mythical characters from ancient Greece while living their own personal odyssey.

The new Assassin’s Creed will be released on October 5, 2018, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with the ability to enjoy PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. In addition, Ubisoft has announced the editions Digital Deluxe, Gold and Ultimate in addition to the retail Gold Assassin’s Creed Odyss Edition


Beyond Good & Evil 2


The presentation of Beyond Good & Evil 2 sparked a lot of enthusiasm. A young and fierce Jade is in charge of a boarding operation of a spaceship. In the second of the videos, there are several gameplay sequences commented by the developers of Ubisoft Montpellier, which explain how the new adventure designed by Michel Ancel is playable alone or with friends. There will be enough space to cover spaceships. In addition, Ubisoft is asking the community to collaborate on content creation through the Space Monkey: program, which will allow anyone in the world to contribute to the title with drawings, music and other artistic content.

Tom Clancy’s Division 2



Tom Clancy’s Division 2 is developed with an updated version of the Snowdrop graphics engine. It is set seven months after the spread of a deadly virus in New York City recounted in the predecessor. This time we are in the city of Washington DC, even more, devastated than the previous New York with the vegetation that takes over. From flooded urban areas to historic sites and devastated monuments, players will find themselves in a dynamic open world scenario characterized by a wide range of environments and biomes. Developed once again by Massive Entertainment, it promises a solid end-of-game experience with the choice between different specializations, new weapons, different PvP experiences, such as Evolutionary World Tier and a completely redesigned and rebalanced Black Zone, all available from the start. The second division of Tom Clancy will also introduce an absolute novelty for the franchise, the raids for eight players, which will test the teamwork of the most experienced agents. After the release, a full year of story-based missions, card extensions and new gameplay features will be available for free to those who purchased the basic game. Division 2 will be available from March 15, 2019, but there will be a beta test first.

Trials Rising

In six new scenarios and with even more tracks, Trials Rising allows players to travel the world by testing their skills across different levels of difficulty, defeating opponents, increasing their reputation in the eyes of some famous sponsors and becoming champions of the tests. Admiring the Eiffel Tower or strolling along the Great Wall of China, players will not resist the thrill of incredible acrobatics but also the spectacular mistakes that await them.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure

On the occasion of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft announced the date on which Donkey Kong Adventure, the new downloadable content of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, will be available on June 26 only on Nintendo Switch. This is the famous turn-based strategy game developed in the Ubisoft office in Milan. In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Donkey Kong Adventure players will find a new hero, Donkey Kong, in a new world with reinvented tactical experience, as well as new enemies and secrets to reveal.

Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones is a sort of revised and correct counterpart of Sea of Thieves. At E3 2018 Hunting Grounds was introduced, namely the Skull & Bones PvPvE (Player vs. Player vs. Environment) game. You can sail alone or as part of a team of pirates, wreck rich trade routes, meet powerful empires and fight other rival pirates while trying to survive the dangers of the ocean itself. Hunting Grounds will be available with the multiplayer Disputed Waters, unveiled at the latest edition of E3, and Deadly Encounters. In PvP Eaux Disputées mode, players must form two teams of five players and fight for loot, sink their opponents and escape the clutches of ruthless pirate hunters. Skull &


Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a new action and adventure game developed by Ubisoft Toronto that will be available from October 16, 2018, for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. This open global space saga using modular toy technology allows players to create and customize their own real spaceships. Each member and the pilot of the spacecraft will immediately appear in the game, where it will be possible to exploit different pilot skills, in addition to various weapons and ships, to trigger devastating combos against their enemies.


Just Dance 2019 is the game that opened the Ubisoft conference. Just Dance 2019 invites players to celebrate again with 40 new songs, ranging from top hits on the charts, such as Bruno Mars ft Cardi B’s “Finesse (Remix)” to k-pop classics such as “Bang Bang Bang”. By BIGBANG, Ubisoft also announced that the Just Dance® World Cup will be back in its fifth edition with the final in Brazil in early 2019. Just Dance 2019 will be available from October 25 on a multitude of platforms.


The transfer is a new IP address created in collaboration with SpectreVision, a film production company founded among others by Elijah Wood. It is a game designed for VR that sees as protagonist the brilliant but tormented, scientist Raymond Hayes. He experiments with the data he collects from his brain and those of his family members: their combined knowledge begins to form a dark and distorted digital simulation. Players will move between the perspectives of Raymond, his wife Katherine and their son Benjamin to recover fragmented family memories and try to shed light on the mystery of the family. The transfer combines live action sequences with environmental storytelling. It will come out in the fall.

The Crew 2 Open Beta

Next week, there will be the Crew 2 Open Beta on Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. It will be possible to play for four days the new MMO of Ubisoft Reflections which includes 8 motor disciplines that take place all over the territory American.

For Honor|Marching Fire cinematic

We close with For Honor, for which the update of Marching Fire was announced, arriving October 16 with a new Chinese faction, new heroes and a new 4v4 multiplayer mode called Breach. Plus, anyone who buys a copy of For Honor by June 18 will get the Starter Edition of the game at no extra charge.

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