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The Best Email Backup Software – Free Also

A lot of computer backup software lacks email backup capability. Some programs reject it altogether. Online backup can sometimes be just as bad. So if you want to make sure that your emails are backed up, you may need dedicated email backup software.

The Best Email Backup Software
The Best Email Backup Software (Image Source)

See, only backing up files in your My Documents folder won’t include your e-mail or address book. You’ll need to export everything to Outlook or Thunderbird (or another local mail client), then back it up. Here’s How You Can Do It Even Better (With Free Software!)

1- Free – The Best Email Backup Software

MailStore Home

MailStore Home
MailStore Home(Source)

MailStore Home is free email archiving software that’s pretty darn cool for being free. It will backup all your emails into a central archive, and it can be run on your PC or on a USB flash drive for portable use. A great search function and one-click restore really set this one apart.

Works with these email clients: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and many more.

Price: $0

“We trust other people to keep everything safe on our behalf, but every now and again, things go wrong. A site’s drives might crash or be hacked. You might lose your account. You might simply want to change your mail provider, but have no easy way to port your existing archives across. MailStore handles all this and more, supporting almost every major email service either directly or by connecting to your account via POP3 and IMAP. It also works with desktop clients including Office Outlook, Exchange, Thunderbird and more.”

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KLS Mail Backup

KLS Mail Backup is an easy-to-use backup program that allows you to back up and restore your mail, browser profiles, and other important files.

KLS Mail Backup (Source)

KLS Mail Backup is among popular freeware that will back up all your emails, contacts, and even web browser profiles and favorites. It offers Zip compression and flexible restore options and lets you choose full or incremental backups.

Key features-

  • Backup:
    •  Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox & Seamonkey profiles
    •  Postbox profiles
    •  Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome profiles
    •  The Bat! Email Client profiles
  • Backup to local, network drives, Amazon S3, WebDAV, & FTP server
  • Standard Zip and 7z compression
  • Full and incremental backup mode
  • Integrated email viewer
  • Easy restore

Works with these email clients: Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Firefox.

Price: $0

Squashed Email Backup

Squashed Email Backup is an easy-to-use program letting you run scheduled backups of your email.

Works with these email clients: Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook 2011, Microsoft Entourage v.X, 2004 and 2008, Eudora, and Thunderbird.

Price: $0

2-Paid- The Best Email Backup Software

Adolix Email Backup

Adolix Email Backup will back up your email client’s account settings, mail folders, signatures, message rules, address book, and stationery. Your backup can be password-protected and use 128-bit encryption for security.

Works with these email clients: Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Incredimail, and Eudora.

Price: $36.95

Right Email Backup

Right Email Backup will run scheduled backups to protect your emails and related data, such as your address book, account settings, and file attachments. If necessary, you can restore everything with one click.

Works with these email clients: Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, IncrediMail, PocoMail, The Bat!, and Opera Mail.

Price: $24

Beyond Inbox

Beyond Inbox is very interesting as it seems to offer more features for email power users than other programs. It will back up your mail, archive your mail, organize your inbox, transfer emails to another account, and restore your email from backups. Rather than storing everything in a single archive, it stores each email as a separate file for greater flexibility.

Works with these email clients: Any IMAP-enabled email, including Gmail.

Price: $49.99

Amic Email Backup

Amic Email Backup will create backup copies of your email database, all related settings, and your web browser favorites from your Windows PC. And it stores everything in one compressed file for convenience.

Works with these email clients: MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, IncrediMail, PocoMail, and others.

Price: $39.95

My Take on The Best Email Backup Software

Which is the best? I’d say it’s a toss-up between Mailstore Home and KLS Mail Backup because they both work great and they’re free!

If money is no object, Beyond Inbox can offer the best assortment of features.


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