Encryption: Russia wants to block telegram

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Russia wants to block telegram

About two weeks ago, after the Supreme Court of Russia dismissed the appeal proceedings against the issuing of keys for encrypting and decrypting the encrypted messages, Russia is now taking the next steps and intending to ban telegrams.

Since Telegram continues to refuse to issue these keys to the FSB (Federal Department for Security of the Russian Federation) and has allowed 15 days to 4 April 2018 to elapse, the Russian Mass Media, Telecommunications and Data Protection Supervisory Authority (Roskomnadzor) is now leading Steps to block the app in Russia. For this purpose, the supervisory authority has already filed a petition in court to restrict access to Telegram in Russia. The court will decide in the next few days whether this request will be granted and telegram blocked.

A telegram can technically not fulfil the requirement

Telegram’s lawyer Pavel Chikov still sees the FSB’s request for surrendering the keys as unconstitutional and also notes that Telegram is technically unable to meet this requirement, as they themselves have no access to the keys used to encrypt the chats,

Telegram saw as a terrorist tool

The FSB calls for the keys to be handed over, as the Telegram service, which is used by more than 9.5 million people in Russia, is also used by terrorists who use encrypted communications to coordinate, inter alia, the bombing of the St. Petersburg subway should have. Since 2016, such services are required to give terrorism authorities access to the transmitted messages.

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