Facebook: a bug made public the posts of 14 million users

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Facebook: a bug made public the posts of 14 million users

The social network has recognized that a bug has changed the default setting for posting Facebook posts from private to public. A problem that is from May 18 to 22 before being corrected.

Facebook has just admitted the existence of an embarrassing bug that has led 14 million members to share their posts publicly while they thought to do it privately. According to the explanations of the social network, this bug lasted 4 days (from 18 to 22 May) during which the messages could be published publicly. Facebook says they have rebooted in private mode. Your secrets are safe now. Unless someone has seen them meanwhile.

Facebook states that the publications have been restored in private mode since May 27, so that is 9 days of exposure to the total. The users concerned will see a warning message appear in their news feed inviting them to check the private details they may have unknowingly shared.

Erin Egan, Privacy Officer, Facebook:

” We recently discovered a bug that automatically suggested a public release when people created their Facebook posts. We have corrected this problem and are now informing all concerned by asking them to check any publications made during this period. To be clear, this bug did not impact any previously published content, and they could always choose their audience as they always did. We apologize for this error. ”

How did it go? Facebook was testing a new feature that would suggest users to publicly share profile items and accidentally switched to “public” the default setting for posts. If you had shared a post on Facebook during this time without noticing that your default sharing setting had changed, you would have broadcast it around the world.

This mishap falls at the worst time for the social network whose image is already damaged by the scandal Cambridge Analytica and recent revelations on its data sharing agreements with sixty manufacturers of mobile terminals.

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