Facebook: Apple, Samsung and others receive user data

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Facebook: Apple, Samsung and others receive user data

Facebook has given access to user data for a year manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung or Microsoft.

At least 60 manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, consoles and other devices are said to have a deep access to user data of Facebook members for years. According to the New York Times, the partners include large companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Amazon, HTC or Blackberry. These manufacturers have obviously given Facebook far-reaching access to the data of each user.

The contract is also a way to read the data from friends, even if they have protected their Facebook account accordingly. This practice could violate a 2011 US FCC filing requirement.

Facebook has confirmed the data access for the aforementioned manufacturers, but this requirement has not been violated. Due to strict restrictions, it also did not come as a misuse. Since Facebook also lists the hardware manufacturers as a service provider and not as an app provider, the FTC specifications are not valid here.

Apple had the function until September 2017 used, the developer had, for example, Facebook integration into their own operating systems since OS X Mountain Lion allowed. Thus, the sharing of content was facilitated directly on Facebook, Notification Center can also send the native push messages if something new happens in its own timeline.

Microsoft and Blackberry use the data according to own data for the contact and friend administration. The data pool includes user IDs, name, photo, location, email, private messages and responses, relationship status, religion, political affiliation, and events.

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