Facebook unlocks blocked users

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Facebook unlocks blocked users

Facebook unlocks blocked users

Due to an error already blocked Facebook users were temporarily unlocked at more than 800,000 accounts.

With the Block feature on Facebook and Facebook Messenger, users can prevent selected members from seeing their posts, sending them a friend request, or contacting them through Messenger. This option can be used to lock out unpleasant ex-partners, stalkers or trolls.

As reliable as advertised by Facebook, the blocking function does not work. As the company announced today, more than 800,000 Facebook users have been unlocked by a bug already blocked users between 29 May and 5 June 2018. So you could again read posts by the person who had actually blocked them. It was also possible during this period to send messages and friend requests.

Facebook has meanwhile corrected the mistake according to their own statements and apologizes to all concerned. The social network assures that no friendships were restored by the temporary disappearance of the block list. In addition, around 83 per cent of those affected disappeared on average only one person from the block list. Facebook has informed all concerned users by the message and recommends them to check their blocking list again.

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