Find my device to track lost or stolen phone

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Find my device

Find my deviceHow to find lost or stolen phones

In Android Find My Device is formerly called the Android Device Manager, it is the official app of Google to track mobile and tablet lost, stolen or stolen. In addition to locating your smartphone on the map, the app lets you sound alarmed, lock and delete device data. The tool is available for free download and replaces the Android Device Manager, as well as having a web version.

Our opinion aboutĀ Find my device

The old Android Device Manager (Device Manager Android) had the interface completely remodeled. The look is even cleaner and more organized, making the tool easy to use and extremely intuitive.

The web and mobile versions are very cohesive when it comes to the interface. Both require login confirmation and password before opening and then immediately display the location of the phone on the map. To do this, of course, the GPS needs to be activated and the application needs to have access to it.

Although Google makes the proviso that the site is approximate, in all tests, accuracy was very good. The faultless performance was also seen in the other three service functions: triggering an alarm on the lost device, locking the device and cleaning the data remotely.

It may seem like a few features, but this conciseness is what allows for Finding my device to take up little space on Android, be lightweight and run smoothly. Techksp has made ratings from a Moto G 2 running Android 6.0, a Redmi 2 Pro running Marshmallow with MIUI 8.2, a Windows 10 notebook and a Windows 8.1 desktop. In no device was there any blockages or problems in the execution of the tasks.

Therefore, there are no caveats regarding the new locator of Android phones and tablets. It works perfectly, is easy to use, is in Portuguese and focuses on the essential: the security of the mobile device.


  • Very intuitive interface
  • Objective resources
  • High accuracy of device location
  • In Portuguese


  • There is no

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