Firefox experiences a side-by-side display of tabs

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Firefox browser

It is not yet a feature built into an update, but as part of an experiment, Firefox offers its users to view two tabs side-by-side.

The Side View feature lets you work while keeping an eye on Twitter, watching a YouTube video while watching the Facebook chat, or writing an email while watching a Google Drive document.

Firefox browser

“Side-by-side windows” mode, for the tired of the Alt + Tab

When you need to have two windows in front of you and you only have one screen, you have the choice to look at one, sometimes the other, using the Alt + Tab combination. But the developers of the Firefox browser believe that this is not the best option, and offer to experiment the simultaneous viewing of two windows arranged side by side. In a future version of the browser, we may be able to click on a button provided for this purpose (positioned at the top right), or right-click on any link before choosing the option Ā«Open this link in side-by-side mode “.

Note that as soon as you switch to “side-by-side” windows, it’s not the classic web pages that open but their mobile versions. And depending on the site, these versions may differ greatly from the web versions, some information may be missing. A side-by-side presentation is available on YouTube, and the installation process (for advanced users) is described on the Mozilla GitHub.

Depending on your wish, Firefox can become blue, pink or black

Another feature under experiment made available at the same time as the “side-by-side windows” mode, the free modification of the colors of the Firefox interface. Also offered to users curious and ready to install manually, the Firefox Color feature allows you to change the color of the bars, fields, text buttons … Even the solid color is no longer the rule, a texture can very well be used for the fund on which the buttons are positioned. The “theme” can then be saved and shared via a simple link that Firefox generates.

It is possible to test this new feature through the Firefox Pilot Test


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