Firefox Monitor will warn you if your accounts are hacked

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Firefox Monitor will warn you if your accounts are hacked

This week Mozilla has proposed a new version of its browser Firefox Quantum but also put forward one of its next novelties. This will be a security tool to check if an account has been compromised.

Internet users have many Internet accounts on a multitude of sites and online services. Not everyone is aware of the latest attacks that have occurred, and the more active ones with a large number of accounts have probably been indirectly affected by data theft on a popular service.

For this reason, Mozilla decided to ally with the service HaveIBeenPwned (I was hacked) which we talked about several times following the hacking of LinkedIn and who also designed a Windows 10 application and a declination to check the words of pass. This new service will be offered under the name Firefox Monitor by Mozilla. It will compare the email address to the databases that have been hacked to check if it is present in the databases collected.

Firefox Monitor will not be content to resume service as is. A security method will be used to ensure that the data transmitted, the email of the user will be protected by a system that will anonymize his address to avoid any risk of leakage during the verification operation. A surveillance system that will alert the user could also be put in place.

In the coming weeks, Mozilla will offer some 250,000 users, mainly in the United States, to test Firefox Monitor. If the results are conclusive the new service will be made available to all Firefox users.

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