How to do makeup in winter? 5 tips to do makeup to avoid dry skin

How to do makeup in winter? 5 tips to do makeup to avoid dry skin

For the perfect look and beauty, it is very important to keep these things in mind while doing makeup in winter. This will keep you away from the problem of dry skin.

With the change of seasons, our grooming style should also change. Otherwise, its effect is visible on our faces. For example, if you keep applying summer products on your face even in winter, your skin may get damaged.

These products dry out your skin from the inside and make the skin look broken. Due to this many times, wrinkles and other shortcomings of the skin also emerge. Therefore, in such a situation, you should try to adopt some special makeup tips in winter. So, the question is how to do makeup in winter so that your skin does not get dry from the inside. Come, let us tell you some special makeup tips for winter

How to do makeup in winter

Moisturize the Skin First

Moisturizing the skin in winter is very important because the cold air takes away the moisture of our skin. In such a situation, makeup products with hard chemicals cause further damage to the face. That’s why you should use the best quality makeup products. All you have to do is apply a light moisturizer after cleansing your face. For this

Opt for a hydrating primer that is rich in Vitamin E.
Choose a moisturizing, nourishing, or hydrating lipstick.

How to do makeup in winter
How to do makeup in winter ( Image Source )

Add a little oil to the foundation

Avoid applying heavy foundation in winter. After that choose a foundation that has some hydrating properties. First of all, try to use only a liquid foundation that gets mixed on the face. If you have spots on your face then you can apply a thick coat of it. Also, you can do this by adding oil to your foundation and then applying it to your face. Also, you should use a foundation with SPF quality.

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Use Liquid Highlighter

Apply makeup in such a way that your natural skin does not get spoiled. This can be a daunting task during the winter days. But using a liquid highlighter with a damp sponge can give your great look a boost. So choose a liquid highlighter for yourself.

Avoid Powdered Products

Using powder products can make your skin appear dull and flaky. This makes your skin look more broken and damaged. In such a situation, try to choose makeup products that are in a liquid profile. Second, it should be right according to your skin type and match your skin tone. Also, you can use BB and CC creams.

Do Light Makeup

How to do makeup in winter
How to do makeup in winter ( Image Source )

You have dry or sensitive skin. While doing makeup, you should keep in mind that winter makeup should not be too heavy. In such a situation, it is good to do a little makeup. Especially that you should keep your makeup light. Blend it well on your skin in such a way that it is evenly applied and visible within your face. Now just use face powder, eyeliner, and lipstick. If you want to give a finishing touch, you can also use blush.

Apart from all this, while doing makeup in winter, some other things should also be taken care of. For example, choose makeup products according to your skin type. You check the hydrating ingredients in it. Use the right brush or sponge when applying. Also, use mild and smudge-free products that do not spread. While choosing lipstick, keep in mind that do not choose a lipstick with a too dry texture for the lips.

Also, before sleeping at night, clean your makeup thoroughly and then moisturize the face. If your skin is very dry and sensitive, then do not apply makeup every day. Sometimes just apply BB and CC cream on your face and let it stay natural.

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