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How to find out the email address of a person on Facebook and other social networks, even with hidden email, the complete guide on how to find and verify email address with third-party services quickly and easily


Not sure how to find a person’s email? Do you have a friend on Facebook who has hidden your email address and want to find out? Would you like to check if an email address is active or not? In this complete guide, we go to see in detail how to find out a person’s email with some simple and quick tips and tricks. By doing so, you will be able to discover a person’s email in just a few minutes, without having to try various and useless attempts.


To find out about a person’s email, you can use various services available online, including Pipl. The latter is a real search engine in which, by inserting a person’s name and surname, you can view all the information and get links to the social profiles. This platform, every time a search is carried out, the data coming from the various online services and social networks are managed, in such a way as to be as precise as possible.

To try Pipl, just enter the homepage by clicking on this link. At this point, enter the name, email address, nickname or phone number of the person, in the respective text fields Name, Email, Username or Phone. Click on the button with the magnifying glass and then start the search. In order to make the search even more precise, you can enter the city of origin of the person to be traced, in the Location field (optional).

Once all data is entered, Pipl will show you the user’s social profiles searched, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others. By clicking on one of the social profiles, Pipl will allow you to discover the person’s e-mail address.


Do you want to find the hidden Facebook email of an acquaintance or a stranger? The popular social network requires an email address for registration and for this reason, there is a very simple and quick trick to recover the email. By doing so, it is possible to discover the true identity, bypassing the system that does not allow to view the Facebook email, in fact hiding it.

Discover Facebook contact email
If you want to know how to find out Facebook contact emails, all you have to do is create a Yahoo Mail account. The latter can be created by pressing the Subscribe button, located at the bottom right of this web page.

Once you sign up for Yahoo Mail, you need to log in and enter the Contacts section. In the latter, you can rely on the Import contacts function and then select the Import from the Facebook item.

At this point, the Yahoo address book will copy all Facebook account contacts with their email addresses, even if the latter have been blacked out.


If you have discovered the email address of the contact you wanted, it is now time to check whether the email address is valid or not. To verify the actual existence of an email. There are many services for this type of function, in particular, Free Email Verifier and Email verification.

Free Email Verifier

Free Email Verifier is the first service to verify the existence of an email address. It is an online program, completely free and with which you can also find the actual owner of the email address in question.

Once you have entered the official web page, from this link, enter the email account you wish to check and then press the Verify button. To find out, instead, who is the owner of the account you have to do is click on the button Search email owner.

Check Email

An alternative service, completely in Italian, is Verify Email. This is a website that allows you to check the validity of mail addresses. Compared to Free Email Verifier, the latter does not show the name and surname of the owner but indicates only if the email entered is active or not.

To check the desired email address, enter the main page, starting from this link, and type in the appropriate field, in the middle of the page, the e-mail address you want to check for existence. To begin the verification process, press the Enter button. If the test is positive, a green box will be shown, while if it is negative, a red box will be shown. Very simple and quick to discover and verify the email address.

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