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How to insert hashtags and places in Instagram Stories. A complete guide to using these tools to search the social platform for sharing images and videos

Not sure how to insert hashtags and places in Instagram Stories? The popular video and photo sharing platform has introduced the ability to insert the hashtags and stickers of locations to famous stories. This new feature opens the possibility to search through the tab Explore all the stories with its hashtag and place. In this complete guide, let’s find out how to insert hashtags and places in Instagram Stories, in a few simple steps.

Within the Instagram application, there is a new tab Explorer with which you can view the Instagram Stories with hashtag and place. This feature allows you to access, more easily, the contents shared by users enriched with hashtags and places. This is an innovation appreciated by users and that allows you to consult the contents shared on Instagram Stories around the world, in a simpler and faster way. It is no longer necessary to go in search of photos of a specific location or type, but just follow hashtags or places. In fact, the Instagram Stories are increasingly full of features designed specifically for users who want to customize their stories.


But how can you insert hashtags and places within Instagram stories? If you have not updated Instagram on your smartphone or tablet for a long time, check that you have installed the 10.22 update app for iOS and Android. The latter has introduced the ability to view the section Explore new stories of Instagram at the top of the tab, content published by different accounts and shared in the same place where you are. Alternatively, using the Explore tab, you can search for Instagram Stories from anywhere in the world, as well as see related stories.

As already mentioned, Instagram allows you to search and follow the stores with hashtags. Thanks to the hashtags in the Instagram Stories, you can find even more stories related to your interests. When looking for a hashtag, you can see a story above the most popular posts on the page that includes the results.


To insert hashtags and places in the Instagram Stories, in order for your story to be shown among those with a hashtag or place, simply add a sticker for a place or a hashtag.

To do this, follow all these steps:

Take a picture or a video in the Instagram Stories section, accessible via a swipe from left to right.
Click on the sticker icon and, in addition to the classic sticker, you can select and add both hashtags and place, as well as much more.
Share the content of your newly created Instagram story.
Finally, to prevent your story from being shown in the Explore tab, press the X button in the section dedicated to the list of viewers of the story.
So, as is easy to understand, the Instagram Stories with hashtag and place allow you to share real-time corners of our city, their passions and much more, live with the world. You just have to open Instagram and insert in your story both the hashtag and the place, as you have discovered in this dedicated guide.

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