IGTV, the new Instagram TV ready to challenge Youtube?

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IGTV, the new Instagram TV ready to challenge Youtube?


A few days ago IGTV was launched, the new Instagram application dedicated to long videos. How does this new platform work? It has all the credentials to become the challenger of Youtube?

A few days ago IGTV was launched, the new application of the God of Social Mark Zuckerberg. The acronym stands for Instagram TV, so it is a rib of the famous photo application, dedicated only and exclusively to long videos.



After IG has exceeded one billion users, it has decided to launch a new application, named IGTV. This is already free to download for Android and iOS, even if it is not yet 100%, as shown by the numerous updates of the last days. The app is therefore separated from Instagram, but linked to it. It is a platform for the use of video content, essentially a container of movies that can last a lot more than a few seconds as on normal IG can also reach 10 minutes for normal users, an hour for screaming influencers.

If the user is already registered with Instagram, logging in will take place in a moment. As you enter you will find those (few) contacts that have already started to use it: with your finger you can go left and right to change user and video to see. To insert a movie just click on the dot with the profile picture and upload clips on the phone. At the moment it is not like IG: you can not make videos directly from IGTV, but you must first make with the smartphone and then upload them. There are no filters, smilies or written to pose, as you can not do directly. But it is all “work in progress”, it is possible that there are rapid changes and corrections. For example, in the Stories, the possibility of linking the IGTV video has already been included.


Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, in the product launch conference was clear: “We are keeping up with the times; nowadays, people look less TV and more digital videos. By 2021, mobile videos will account for 78% of all mobile traffic. And we learned that the younger audience is spending more time with amateur content and less with professional content. ”

Systrom’s speech does not make a turn, but translating it, in a nutshell, want to focus on videos in a more substantial, especially because they turn large amounts of money. Facebook and Instagram on video advertising have never bet a lot, IGTV can be an opportunity.

But the market is complex and the players are very strong. Netflix and Amazon with their platforms are having success, but the undisputed leader of the sector is certainly Youtube. The famous Google Tube, despite long periods of highs and lows, has always remained a must for anyone who needs video. The purpose of Zuckerberg and associates with IGTV is to give the users of their Instagram app (we are talking about a billion people, not a few hundred) to watch movies while remaining in that world, without going out and going “to the competition” “.


But Youtube in the video industry is perhaps too strong to compete against, the risk is to finish beaten before the start of the war. So IGTV chooses alternative ways, trying to differentiate itself from the most famous leader. First of all, it points to mobile: YTube is also for smartphones, but it comes from the desktop and it is more successful. The IG TV instead is developed to be best used by the phone: with the finger, one can choose which videos to see, as if you had a remote control and you could access millions of different TV channels, where each member can open their own television and create the schedule.

Another big difference with Google’s Tube is that IGTV is only vertical. Now the phone is no longer rotated, it is too big to turn and uncomfortable to look horizontally. So it is born with this approach and will bring professionals, influencers, or anyone who wants to make big numbers on IGTV, to make ad hoc videos, not just make one for more social. So the two platforms will have different contents to distance themselves further.

In addition, IGTV is not an app where to do a specific search. On Youtube you can find everything: for everything that one searches there is always an available video, which is a tutorial, a music video, a goal of the 2006 World Cup and much more. IGTV does not seem to be (at the moment) a TV “on demand” where to watch what you want. You can not search for specific videos, but only for users. It is a flow TV, where there are a number of channels that the user “suffers” to pass the time. It is perhaps something more passive than Youtube, to look on the sofa in a bored way.


Beyond that it is still being updated and built, IGTV is definitely a novelty to study thoroughly, which could have a huge success and totally change the current habits of users. In the near future maybe you will see video content made specifically vertically, clip no longer in 16: 9 but in 9:16. Maybe they will sell a TV that can turn from horizontal to vertical depending on the uses that one must do if you have to see normal channels or the TV Instagram.

Or it will be a hole in the water. Instagram is a society created for photos, not for videos. Aiming exclusively on films, especially long ones, is a great risk since they are also more difficult to moderate. IG has always been an elegant app, the problem exists when it becomes a mess of clean and less clean videos, undermining its own image.

We will see how the application will develop in the short and long term, as the common mortals and the screaming people will punish us, how many of that billion users will decide to enter the TV in an active or passive and how invasive advertising will be.

And also please see this video onĀ IGTV and YouTube Competition

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