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Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories, how to make mention and insert links. A complete guide to tag other users, accounts and enter URLs to websites, apps, and other social platforms

Instagram Stories: how to make mention and insert links

How to make mention and insert links on Instagram Stories? The Instagram Stories are enriched with important innovations with which to further enrich the images and videos in time, lasting 24 hours. In this complete guide let’s find out more in detail how to mention on Instagram and insert stories Instagram link. Just a few simple steps to add mentions, also called tags, in the stories of the popular social network sharing images and videos.


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Do you want to know how to insert mentions and tag people or friends that appear in your Instagram stories? Tagging other profiles within stories is simple and immediate. The Instagram Stories are always richer in functionality and content.

The procedure to insert mentions in the stories of Instagram is as follows:

After taking a photo or video to Instagram Stories, press the button Aa in the upper right.
As you add the text to your story, by pressing the ” @ ” button you can write a username and select the desired person.
The name mentioned will appear within the underlined story and with a simple tap, it will be possible to view the profile.
The mentioned user will be notified in Instagram Direct.
Finally, if you mention or are mentioned by someone who does not follow or does not follow you, the notification will be present in the message requests.
By doing so, you can easily enter mentions within Instagram stories quickly and easily. In addition, this tool is extremely powerful as you can make other accounts participate in your stories.

Instagram Stories
Do you not know how Instagram stories link? This last function is only available for users with a verified profile and a high number of followers. Inserting links in Instagram stories allows users to “hijack” users to an external platform or website.

To add links in the Instagram Stories you must perform the following steps:

Take or select an image or a video in the Instagram Stories section.
Now add the link by pressing the button in the shape of a chain at the top.
A new page will open in which to paste or manually enter the URL address you want to be visited
Complete the procedure by pressing the End button and, now, you are ready to publish your story.
In order for your followers and other users to access the link in Instagram stories, you can enter a text called Call to Action as “swipe up to find out the link content” which highlights the action you need to take to access the link.

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