LinkedIn brings voice messages feature

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LinkedIn brings voice messages feature

LinkedIn, the favorite site to connect with other people, has attracted a new feature onboard that will make it simpler for users to communicate while on-the-go.

This new feature lets users send and capture voice messages and can be informed inside the Messaging section. The senior product director, Zack Hendlin of linkedIn, added in the blog article which with this the company intends to eliminate the extra effort and time taken to type a message.

The voice messaging feature will let you send and record voice notes of up to 60 seconds. All you need to do is to tap on the microphone icon send and then inside the messaging thread followed by a tap + hold gesture to document the voice notes.


Releasing it will send the message to another party. While holding down it in the event you want to cancel the voice message mid-way, then you can slide your finger away from the microphone icon.

Typing A Message

“Perhaps you have typed a long message and thought about how much quicker and easier it is to say it out loud? To offer you more ways to have conversations, we have added the capability to record and send voice messages to one moment in LinkedIn Messaging,” says Hendlin. “Whether you’re reacting while multitasking or walking, or will need to give a comprehensive explanation, voice messages let you more easily and quickly communicate in your voice along with your connections,” he adds.

Android and iOS

This attribute is rolling out on Android and iOS into the LinkedIn program. It is going to arrive on the internet and mobile interfaces. The article mentions that voice messages will come to all members in the upcoming few weeks.

LinkedIn appears to have its focus on improving the feature on its platform. The company brought updates Before this month. As part of it, their box cans extend share attachments on-the-go to write messages that are more, send emojis from the desktop with new emoji picker and quickly start and manage groups messages. Also, they copy + paste images on the web and immediately can also @mention men and women in their messages

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