Make Eyes Beautiful with Natural Eyeshadow| Home Made

Make Eyes Beautiful with Natural Eyeshadow| Prepare like this at home

Homemade eyeshadow can be very beneficial for you as compared to chemical-based eyeshadow. Let’s know how to make it

Make Eyes Beautiful with Natural Eyeshadow- Prepare like this at home

Homemade Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow is the most important thing in women’s makeup. Eyeshadow works to add beauty to the eyes. That’s why eyeshadow has an important place in every woman’s makeup kit, but there are many women who have very sensitive skin. Applying market eyeshadow can be harmful to such women. This can cause allergic reactions on the face as well as a rash can also come out. To avoid any such skin problem, you can make eyeshadow at home. So let us tell you how to make eyeshadow naturally at home.

Make Eyes Beautiful with Natural Eyeshadow
Make Eyes Beautiful with Natural Eyeshadow (Image Source)

Make eyeshadow with charcoal and mica powder

If someone has skin allergies due to the chemical-rich eyeshadow on the market, then homemade eyeshadow is very good for those people. You can make eyeshadow at home with charcoal and mica powder. For this, take out the charcoal from the inside of the charcoal capsule and add 1-2 drops to it. To make it glittery, mix it by adding shimmery mica powder. Now put it in a box and press it with a paper towel and spray alcohol. Finally, keep it frozen for 24 hours. Now your eyeshadow is ready. You can use this eyeshadow to give a smokey look to the eyes.

Make Creamy Eyeshadow with Shea Butter Arrowroot Powder

Many women prefer to apply creamy eyeshadow, for them an eyeshadow made of shea butter and arrowroot powder can be a good option. To make it, mix shea butter and arrowroot powder well. You can use any natural color of your choice in this. Then mix all these well and put them in the eyeshadow box and keep it in the fridge for some time. After freezing, you can now use it anytime. This eyeshadow is the best option for women who do not touch up for a long time, because being creamy, it stays on the skin for a long time.

Make Eyes Beautiful with Natural Eyeshadow
Make Eyes Beautiful with Natural Eyeshadow (Image Source)

Make Shimmery Eyeshadow with Mica Powder

Be it a late-night party or a date night, on such occasions, shimmery eyeshadow often works to highlight the eyes. In this case, shimmery eyeshadow will be needed. You can take mica powder from the market to make natural shimmery eyeshadow at home. If you want, you can also make colored eyeshadow by mixing mica powder with different colors of your choice. To make this eyeshadow, first put the colors of your choice in a bowl and mix it well. Then put it in an airtight eyeshadow container and close it well. Now your shimmery powder eyeshadow is ready.

Make Natural Spice Eyeshadow with Spices

This may sound strange to you, but you can also make eyeshadow from things you have in the kitchen. For this, you just have to choose a few simple things. Actually, you can make amazing colored eyeshadow with cocoa powder, turmeric, beetroot, and saffron, which will not harm your eyes in any way. If you want a brown shade, then you can use cocoa powder and nutmeg for that. At the same time, if you want a light pink color, then you can use beetroot and shea butter.

Apart from this, saffron can be used for the orange color. Just mix all these with different shea butter and keep it in the eyeshadow container and your spicy eyeshadow is ready. Now you can enhance the beauty of your eyes by applying your eyeshadow according to any occasion.

For the beauty of the skin, you can use these eyeshadows prepared at home. But if you are allergic to any of these, do not use them.

Disclaimer– Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and genuineness of this information, although does not have the ethical responsibility. We kindly request you to consult your doctor before trying any remedy. Our purpose is only to provide you with information.

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