12 Best Tools to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

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manage multiple Instagram accounts

what is Instagram and how to manage multiple Instagram   Accounts

Instagram is one of the most commonly used platforms today, either by ordinary users or for companies that want to get closer to their customers. Even so, it is common for anyone working with social media to need tools to handle multiple service accounts. Fortunately, there are some cool apps that make managing and interacting with multiple profiles much simpler than you think. To check out the key tools for managing multiple Instagram accounts, just check out our list below!

manage multiple Instagram accounts

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1. Manage

Used for automatic interactions in Instagram, Gerenciagram can take over any of your profiles and search according to filters you set up. For example, it can search for posts made with specific hashtags, with tags in places of your interest, or even search for followers from a competing profile, enjoying your posts, and following them to attract your attention.

You can add multiple accounts and have them automatically fetch and interact, and you can use Gerenciagram to schedule posts on Instagram. It should also be noted that the software reports on the growth of your profile.

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Another tool in the area of ?? automatic interactions, Follow.me also allows you to search by hashtags, profiles, and location to increase the number of followers in your profile. Like Gerenciagram, you can use these tools in more than one profile, that is, by allowing you to set up automatic searches across profiles by tracking their results.

2. Bume

Bume is one of the most complete tools for managing multiple Instagram accounts. Originally a software for automatic interactions, Bume has evolved in its concept and also allows the scheduling of Instagram posts, creation and automatic sending of messages to new followers and reports on the growth of its profile. It is worth remembering that these features can be used in several accounts that you manage.

Use the Bume FREE for 5 days by registering through the link

3. Perforgram

With multiple options for those who need to manage multiple Instagram accounts, Perforgram offers its users the ability to configure automatic searches and interactions across multiple profiles. All of them can be configured in a unique way, that is, with the hashtags, competing profiles and geolocation of their own, taking into account the need of each account that manages.

You can also send welcome messages and create automatic comments templates with Perforgram. Click the link to learn more about the platform, which offers guaranteed growth for new users or your money back within the first 15 days.

applications-for-win-followers-no-Instagram   perforgram

4. Instagram


For some years now, Instagram has allowed you to add and manage multiple accounts in the official app. This greatly facilitates the lives of those who work with social networks, since this ends up being the best method to handle so many profiles.

Still, there is a limitation of five profiles that you can use at a time in the app. If it is within this limit, our recommendation is to stick with the same Instagram app. Click the link to access it.

5. HopperHQ

HopperHQ is another very complete tool for managing multiple Instagram accounts. With it, you assemble your posts, schedule each one’s schedule and more.

The app itself is very simple to use but is more recommended for those who really need something more professional. Part of this is due to the fact that the tool has an annual subscription to use. Go to the page to access it.

6. BeSocial

BeSocial is perfect for anyone who needs to not only manage their posts but the comments and direct messages they receive on Instagram. If you have to do this with multiple accounts, this is the perfect app for the job.

The interface is very clean, easy to use and allows you to mark the person’s username, as well as support for emojis. Click the link to access the app.

7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a great tool for managing social networks, and fortunately, this includes Instagram. With it, you manage multiple accounts with ease and check out all the interactions you make with your profiles.

You can still respond to your followers or any other user quickly. If you want to use it, just access it through the link.

8. Schedugr.am

manage multiple Instagram accounts

Scredugr.am is a well-known tool for those who have already had to schedule multiple Instagram posts in a simpler way. The app allows you to manage multiple accounts very simply and through your internet browser.

Unfortunately, it does not have a feature for checking interactions or for answering followers yet, so it’s worth considering. Access the link to access it.

9. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is another tool well known to those who work with social networks. It supports Instagram and can be one of the best apps if you need something much more complete.

You can use it for your publications and interactions with other users, but it also serves to analyze important data for the brands you manage there. Click on the site to access it.

10. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is an interesting tool that works a little differently. Instead of using it to post or interact with your followers, it serves to check the account data that you manage.

This means that you can see a complete report with the statistics of your photos, used hashtags and publications. Click the link to access the site.

11. Social Rank

Social Rank is a tool that helps you manage your followers on Instagram. You can identify them by usernames, location, keywords. etc

Other than that, it is possible to create lists of your followers and export them to an easier file to view. Access the site to access the tool.

12.  Have2Have It

Have2Have It is a very different tool from the others we show on our list. It is for those who use Instagram to sell products.

Basically, it helps to provide links to what is shown in the photos. The cool thing is that you can view a complete report of how your followers interacted with the posted products. Click on the link

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