Natural Remedies to Color White Eyelashes at Home

Natural Remedies to Color White Eyelashes at Home

If white hairs have started appearing in your eyelashes or eyebrows, then you can color them sitting at home, the method is very easy. Let’s know the easy steps

Everyone is fond of beautiful and big eyelashes, but some people are troubled by white hair in their eyelashes or eyebrows, if you have this problem too, then do not worry. The method of coloring eyelids or eyebrows is very easy. You can dye your eyelashes naturally at home. You can create a beautiful tint for your eyelashes with the help of natural ingredients at home.

Color White Eyelashes
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A tint made with natural ingredients can last up to a week on your lids. You can use coffee or henna color to make a natural homemade tint, some people also use charcoal for black color. What are the benefits of coloring eyelashes at home? Using a natural tint gives the lashes a natural color, hides gray hairs and makes the lashes or eyebrows appear thicker and longer.

Benefits of Coloring Eyelashes at Home

The biggest advantage of coloring eyelashes at home is that the mixture you will make will be 100 percent natural, whereas dye is used for coloring eyelashes or eyebrows by going to the parlor, in which chemicals are used. Coloring eyelashes or eyebrows at home also saves money. You can give natural color to eyelids or eyebrows sitting comfortably at home in almost negligible expenditure. Coloring eyelashes at home also saves time, whereas going to a parlor takes half an hour to an hour to do the same process, whereas at home you can dye eyelashes or eyebrows in a few minutes.

After dyeing eyelashes at home, how long will the color last? (Duration of homemade eyelash color)

If you color eyelashes or eyebrows at home, then that color can remain on the hair for only one week or 8 to 10 days, whereas by applying professional tint, the color can remain for four to six weeks i.e. one to one and a half months. But you can reapply natural ingredients, so the natural way of coloring eyelashes is much safer.

How to Color Eyelashes and Eyebrows at Home

Before coloring the eyelashes, you have to clean all the make-up from the eyes, otherwise there is a fear of infection. The method of coloring eyelashes is very easy, let us know the method of coloring eyelashes and the necessary ingredients-


Petroleum jelly or coconut oil, a spolia or brush, coffee powder , henna powder, cotton pads or tissue paper will be needed to color eyelashes or eyebrows . You can also add honey and cocoa powder to this mixture.


  • First of all, mix a pinch of henna powder in a teaspoon of coffee powder.
  • You have to add petroleum jelly or coconut oil to the mixture.
  • Mix the ingredients well, you have to keep in mind that the mixture should remain thick.
  • Clean your eyes thoroughly and let the eyelids and eyebrows dry.
  • Before coloring the eyelashes, apply cotton pad or tissue paper in the undereye area.
  • To protect the skin from color , petroleum jelly can be applied in the area around the eyebrows or eyelashes .
  • Apply the mixture on the white lashes or on the eyebrows with the help of a brush or spoolie.
  • Move the brush or spoolie from the inside corners to the outside.
  • Apply the mixture and leave it for two to three hours.
  • Repeat the same process with the eyelid or eyebrow of the other eye.
  • When the color gets removed, clean the mixture with the help of a wet cotton pad.

Some people complain of itching or irritation even after coloring the eyelashes in a natural way, so before coloring the eyelashes, do a patch test by applying a small part of the eyelashes.

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