5 Simple Eye Makeup Tips | Fashionable And Trendy Look To Your Eyes

5 Simple Eye Makeup Tips – Fashionable And Trendy Look To Your Eyes

How to do Simple Eye Makeup: Whether going to college or having an office meeting, you can take the help of these easy eye makeup tips.

The beauty of your face is incomplete without the beauty of your eyes. That is, if you want to look beautiful, then you have to pay special attention to your eyes. Makeup can help you in this task.

But doing eye makeup is not easy for everyone. Also, most people feel that it takes so much time to do eye makeup that they should do it only on special occasions. Whereas you can do eye makeup anytime. For example, even if you have to go to the office, you can go for eye makeup or you have to attend a special meeting, then you can also take the help of eye makeup.

Simple Eye Makeup Tips
Simple Eye Makeup Tips ( Image Source )

But the question is how to do simple eye makeup for daily use? Whereas to do this, you do not need anything more than a primer, eye shadows, kajal, eyeliner, and mascara. If you want, you can give a fashionable and trendy look to your eyes with just primer, kajal, and eyeliner. how that? So, let us tell you simple eye makeup tips.

How to do Simple Eye Makeup?

Apply Eye Primer First

To do simple eye makeup, first, apply eye primer. It helps to make your makeup last for a long time. Eye primer helps to create a smooth surface for makeup to glide on smoothly. Apply a small amount of eye primer and let it dry, then use an eye shadow base to get a good base to settle your shadows. But if you don’t have an eye shadow base, you can also use foundation or concealer.

Choose Shades

Simple Eye Makeup Tips
Simple Eye Makeup Tips ( Image Source )

First of all, choose the shades you want to apply to your eyes. Try to choose shades that you can use for everyday casual looks. For this, you can choose a light tone. Now apply compact powder, and apply a little more eye shadow. For this, if desired, blend 2-3 shades. Blend everything in such a way that no one takes more or less.

Apply Eye Liner

Now that your eye makeup is in place, it’s time to move on to the lower lash line. Take a small amount of the mid-tone shade on the brush, moving the brush inward from the outside until it matches the highlighting shade, the lighter shade you applied earlier. Now apply eyeliner and raise all the angles of the eyes in such a way that they are visible. Now smudge the earbud with an eye pencil and give it a new look. During this, if you want to apply to kajal, then she can also apply.

Curl the eyelashes

Now use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes and touch up the eyelashes with it. If you don’t have time, you can’t do it. Although it will not take you much time to do this.

Lastly, Apply Mascara and Touch Up

Simple Eye Makeup Tips
Simple Eye Makeup Tips ( Image Source )

Your eye makeup is ready but you can apply mascara at the end to give it a last touchup. In this, you can use the eyeliner again to give more shape to the eyes. Complete the look by using a good mascara to add length and volume to your lashes.

So, this is how you can do simple eye makeup in your everyday life. You can adopt these eye make tips for your meeting or for a party. Apart from this, you can also use it in the function you are going for.

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