Tesla could offer free trials of his autopilot

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Tesla autopilot
Tesla autopilot

Tesla autopilot

In a meeting with its shareholders, Elon Musk announced that in the next few months, Tesla owners could benefit from free trials to test the Autopilot inside their car.

While the production of the Tesla 3 model suffers some sobs, Elon Musk continues to see further and further. The billionaire – in an attempt to attract more customers? – announced that users of its electric cars could test the functions of the autopilot for free in the coming months. However, it remained very vague about the conditions of the offer and its duration

As a reminder, Tesla offers two offers of assisted driving on its cars. The improved autopilot – optional at € 5,200 – allows the electric car to adjust its speed to traffic, lane change or even parking alone. To go further, you can add the autonomous driving option to € 3,100. In this case, the car is able to drive alone without human intervention.

Note that the prices shown here are those at the time of purchase. If the buyer wishes to add these options later, he will have to pay the respective amounts of € 6,300 and € 4,200. And the autonomous driving mode requires the purchase of the improved autopilot mode. The good news is that Model 3 will also be compatible with these types of audiences, despite its “entry level” orientation.

Functions still in development

The Californian company is actively working to develop its driving assistance. Elon Musk is also very optimistic, arguing that “the capabilities and reliability of the autopilots will be improved exponentially over the next six to twelve months”. One can only hope, the latest evidence of autonomous driving of an X model that caused the death of a pilot last March …

However, this incident does not take Tesla’s will to deploy a complete fleet of self-contained cars by the end of 2019. And to offer free trial offers to these customers. Will they be potential beta testers? Answer in a few months, hoping that the March 2018 incident will not happen

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