They scammed Amazon by getting refunds without returning the goods

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Too many returns to Amazon, an Indiana couple has been arrested and condemned for taking advantage of the very tolerant of the Seattle giant’s return policy

They scammed Amazon by getting refunds without returning the goods, arrested a couple
An Indiana couple has abused Amazon’s service for years. The protagonists of this scam have managed to extort from the popular e-commerce site the figure of 1.2 million dollars, with some tricks. In about two years, the couple has ordered thousands of electronic products and exploited the very permissive policy set up by the Seattle giant, with the aim of obtaining repayments without returning the goods. This is the first case in the world where Amazon users are arrested and convicted by a court because of too many returns. But behind this story lies a real traffic of electronic devices and money laundering.

The sentence for the couple from Indiana sees as protagonists Erin and Leah Finan, a couple that has ordered, for about two years, on Amazon many electronic devices such as GoPro, Xbox, smartwatches, tablets, laptops and much more.

The operation of fraud was extremely simple. After making the purchase, the two claimed that the received products were damaged or stolen. In doing so, Amazon sent the couple a rebate, but without receiving back the items in question and, at the same time, was not even able to recover the money due at a later time.

Within this scam was also found a third accomplice, Danijel Glumac, who helped the couple to resell the goods at full price, thanks to the help of a person in New York.

The result of these operations is over 1.2 million dollars, of which 750 thousand ended in the pockets of the couple.



In the face of all this traffic in electronic products, a joint investigation conducted by the Internal Revenue Service, the US Postal Inspection Service and the Indiana State Police brought to light the three protagonists accused of fraud and money laundering.

The process has come to an end. The couple Erin and Leah Finan will have to serve respectively 71 and 68 months in prison, while Glumac will serve 24 months in prison. In addition to this, $ 1.2 million was paid to Amazon for all the stolen goods.

At the same time, the three defendants were also charged with other frauds including the sale of stolen goods, rented cars without paying the fare and the theft of goods.

Throughout this affair, Amazon has claimed to have over 300 million customers worldwide and in case of abuse of the service for extended periods of time will take some appropriate initiatives. Meanwhile, Amazon has already begun worldwide to exclude many users who require too many refunds or returns.

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