This is new in the developer preview of Android P features

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This is new in the developer preview of Android P features


Google has released a new beta version of Android P published. The Developer Preview 4 gives a good insight into the almost finished version. These are the innovations.

Android P: New beta available

It will not take long, then comes with Android P, the next version of the mobile operating system on our smartphones – at least when the manufacturers show kindly and actually distribute Android P in a timely manner. Google itself is expected to release the successor to Android 8.1 Oreo in the third quarter of 2018. The new Developer Preview 4, which is initially only available for pixel smartphones, should, therefore, be quite close to the final product. Cosmetic changes are now in the foreground.

Even with the first versions of Android P, Google had thought of a separate, dark theme, which has now been further refined. So far, it seems that the dark theme automatically activated when users had set a dark background image. What’s new is that we ourselves have the choice whether the dark or the bright theme is active. However, the setting is not system-wide but is limited (still) to a few Google Apps.

With Android P, Google is increasingly relying on a gesture control, which is also noticeable in the graphical elements. The new back button is a good example, which initially visualized as a closed triangle and now comes easier and open. Also, the rotary button has experienced a similar update. If several keyboard apps are installed, you can now switch directly between them by pressing the keyboard icon.

The power-saving mode of Android is not new, but the design of the button. In the Developer Preview 4, the mode is displayed more clearly – with an orange frame around the battery indicator. In the Quick Settings, the alarm clock app can also be opened by pressing the clock.

Android P samsung

Android P with separate phone volume

As one of the few innovations that are not of a cosmetic nature, Google has also introduced a separate slider for the phone volume in the settings. This acts accordingly independent of the ringer volume.

Developer Preview for pixel smartphones only

please note:-Developer Preview of android p is not available for Samsung

Google has the Developer Preview 4 for the time being only for your own smartphones unlocked. Pixel device owners can receive the beta over-the-air if they are already signed in to the beta program. Alternatively, the image can also be downloaded and installed separately. The latter option, however, should only be done by experienced users.

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