4 Turmeric benefits for lips | Make Lip Balm and Lip Scrub with Turmeric for Beautiful Lips

4 Turmeric benefits for lips | Make Lip Balm and Lip Scrub with Turmeric for Beautiful lips

Winter is near and people’s lips are starting to crack. In such a situation, you can get beautiful and soft lips by using lip balm and lip scrub made from turmeric.

Turmeric is rich in many medicinal properties. It has some antibacterial properties as well as healing properties, due to which it is used in many natural beauty products. Such as face packs, hair packs, scrubs for ankles, etc.

But you will be surprised to know that turmeric is very beneficial for your lips. While it heals your chapped lips, it is also helpful in getting pink lips. Also, turmeric removes the problem of dry lips.

You can make lip balm and lip scrub for lips using turmeric. As easy as making them at home, the benefits of applying them on your lips are also many. So, let’s know how to make lip balm and lip scrub for beautiful lips and the benefits of using them.

Make Turmeric Lip Balm With Turmeric

Turmeric benefits for lips
Turmeric benefits for lips  (Source)

Take 2 teaspoons of petroleum jelly. If you want, you can also use ghee in its place.

-1 tsp glycerin

-1 tsp honey

Add some tree tea oil.

Add half a teaspoon of turmeric.

Keep it in the freezer for -3 hours.

  • Use it now.

Regular use of lip balm made from turmeric will not crack your lips. Also, its honey will moisturize your lips from the inside and will be helpful in keeping them beautiful. Apart from this, glycerin will be helpful in maintaining the hydration of the lips for a long time.

Make a turmeric lip scrub

Take sugar.

  • matcha green tea powder
  • Any oil
  • Take a spoonful of lemon juice

Now take some turmeric.

  • Mix everything well

You can repeat this remedy for your lips once every three days.

Turmeric and lemon is a natural bleaching agent that helps to lighten the lips and sugar is a gentle exfoliator that helps get rid of dead cells. If your lips and the skin on your lips are not very sensitive or chapped, this remedy works well to lighten lips naturally. Since lemon is acidic, it can cause some irritation.

Turmeric Benefits for Lips

Turmeric benefits for lips
Turmeric benefits for lips  (Source)

1-Turmeric is antiseptic

Turmeric is antiseptic and helps keep your lips healthy. In fact, many times when your lips are cut or bruised or a rash occurs, turmeric acts as an antiseptic and helps in healing of the lips.

2-Beneficial for Chapped Lips

You can avoid the problem of chapped lips by applying a turmeric lip balm several times a day and before sleeping. If your lips are very dry and chapped, a turmeric lip balm can act like petroleum jelly for you. Apply it repeatedly on your lips. With continued use, you will find that your lips will become less chapped and have a beautiful natural shine.

3-Moisturizes the lips

Turmeric lip balm and lip scrub both are very helpful for moisturizing the lips. Actually, the most important thing to moisturize the lips is to clean the dead cells and lock the moisture and hydration in the lips. Which can do turmeric lip balm and scrub. If your lips are chapped, use a little ghee in balms and scrubs.

4-Removes blackness of lips

Hyperpigmentation is a condition caused by excess melanin. Turmeric acts as a melanin inhibitor and helps to lighten the lips. In this way, it is helpful in the problem of dark lips.

So, like this, make turmeric lip balm and lip scrub at your home and take advantage of their special benefits. So, if you have never tried homemade lip balm and scrub, then you can try this lip balm and scrub.

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