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Want to have beauty and glow like celebrities, then know the correct sequence of using makeup products
If you do not follow the correct sequence while applying makeup products, then instead of making the face look good, the makeup starts looking bad and the makeup starts coming off the face in a short time.

To avoid this problem, you should know the right way to apply makeup products. If you follow the correct sequence of applying makeup products, then your makeup will stay on the face for a long time and the look of a professional celebrity type will also be felt. Let us know the correct sequence of applying makeup products.


First of all, apply a cleanser, this will remove the dirt accumulated on the face. You can use raw milk as a natural cleanser.


After the cleanser, you apply toner, the toner controls the pH level of the skin. You can also use aloe vera gel for toner by putting it in a spray bottle.


If you have dry skin then you can use a serum. With the serum, your skin will be prepped for makeup and the skin will get a shine, in winters the skin needs more hydration, for moisture, you can apply your favorite serum.


Removes Acne and Blemishes
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Do not forget to moisturize the skin, apply a mild moisturizer of your choice on the face. You can also make cream using shea butter.


To protect the skin from UV rays, do not forget to apply sunscreen, if you do not have sunscreen then you can use aloe vera gel.


Your makeup base will set well with the primer and the makeup will last for a long time, choose a primer according to your skin type. If you have dry skin then you should opt for an oil-based primer.


After the primer, it is the turn of the foundation. You should apply the foundation dot-dot on the skin, avoid applying too much foundation at once. For foundation, you choose a tone light shade from your skin tone.


Now you use concealer to cover the dark area, you can also apply concealer in the under eye, but before that, you apply under eye cream.


After concealer, it is time to apply powder. You can apply plain powder or tinted powder. By applying powder, the excess oil of the skin gets absorbed and the makeup stays on.


Now it is time to apply bronzer, due to applying foundation, the whole face looks uniform, it is necessary to apply bronzer to shape the face.


After bronzer, it is the turn of blush, if you want rosy cheeks, you can apply blood, but apply blush on the cheekbone instead of the cheek.

Eye makeup at the end

Simple Eye Makeup Tips
Want to have beauty and glow like celebrities  ( Image Source )

After applying the above-mentioned products, it is the turn of eye makeup in which you can first apply eyeshadow, then eyeliner and mascara.

Lastly Lipstick

At the end of the makeup, apply your favorite lipstick, although you should apply lip balm only during your skincare routine.

Setting spray

For long-losing makeup, use setting spray, this will keep the makeup on the face for a long time.

If you apply makeup in this sequence, then your look will also be professional and will remain on the skin for a long time.

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