If you want to thin your thick lips with home remedies, then this article is for you.

Lips also have a special role in the beauty of women. However, each part has its own specialty.

We have brought some home remedies for you. Through which you can make your lips look sharp and quite beautiful.

You can do facial yoga in which keep both your lips pressed together and hold it like this for 15 seconds.


To keep your lips thin, it is also necessary to keep them moisturized. Therefore, you can apply olive oil or shea butter on your lips.

2-Using Shea Butter

Scrubbing also becomes very necessary to remove the dead skin cells of the lips. Dirty and dead skinned lips look big.

3-Lip Scrub

To keep your lips from cracking, you can use Vaseline on them daily so that they look very smooth and look sharp too.

4-Use Vaseline

If you have hairs around your lips, they can look much bigger than that, so removing those hairs should be your first priority. 

5-Remove hair

If you want to reduce the size of your big lips a little, then underline the lips. 

6-Use Concealer

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