WLAN: WPA3 security standard passed

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WLAN: WPA3 security standard passed

The Wi-Fi Alliance clears the way for the WPA2 successor with better encryption and more convenience.

The now 14-year-old security standard WPA2 for WLAN networks will soon be replaced by the successor WPA3. The new standard has now been adopted by the relevant Wi-Fi Alliance and should provide for more security in wireless networks. Specifically, WPA3 provides for individual data encryption, which should also prevent reading within the WLAN network. Also, the login by password should be safer, even if the access password is quite weak.

The corporate-grade WPA3 Enterprise encryption provides 192-bit keys. Company networks should be even safer. But even for home users, WPA3 offers an interesting innovation: If a new device has no screen or just a tiny display, it can be integrated via smartphone with Easy Connect in the domestic WLAN. When WPA3 is available in terminals, remains open. Sometimes the function can be added via update, but more often new devices are due. But also WPA2 will probably not be retired so quickly because the security standard is still very widespread. Sooner or later, however, WPA3 should prevail and be used on all new devices. To use the extra security,

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